I am Gold Coast and Tweed Coast family photographer and wedding photographer.

Life is not a curation of perfect smiles. It is real , it is raw and it is beautiful. Let's create images that celebrate your story , your loves and  that will fill your heart with joy  

Photography that is all about heart, for those seeking connection over posed smiles. For those that want unscripted genuine stories with the ones they love. 

"A great photo is one that moves you deeply. 
Our heart remembers long after the moment has passed"

I want you to have images of your loves that feel like home. You know that warm feeling you get when walking into your home ? That feeling of belonging and being held tightly ?

Those small insignificant moments, they are not insignificant , they are big and they make up our memories. Its not in posed smiles , its going deeper than that. Its the first heart pounding " I love you's" or heat melting gummy smiles of your new baby or soft fat rolls of your toddler. All these sweet things unique to your story. 


your story

Its all about experience - how you feel in front of the camera matters.

 Its not about forced curated smiles, but truly being comfortable in front of the camera. Lets create a space where you are comfortable and we can make pictures that show who you truly are and not just what you look like 

Get in touch below or contact me directly on
 0456 060 400 . For introverts email me
on rebeccarottcherphotography@gmail.com 


Sound good? Lets connect and see how we can create memories.